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Representation Before the U.S. Tax Court

Comprehensive trial practice and litigation guidance as well as best practices for defending clients in tax deficiency cases from initial filing through post-trial decisions and motions. Includes petition, discovery (Branerton), collection, due process hearings, declaratory relief, trial preparation, innocent spouse relief and partnership relief under TEFRA. For more see below.

Saturday | July 30 | 2022

3 P.M. to 6 P.M. EST

Former United States Tax Court Special Trial Judge
Member of the Bar United States Tax Court

Dean | Professor of Law | Distinguished Judicial Speaker Emeritus | Tax Law Institute | Fmr. Litigator Office of Chief Counsel | Admitted to Practice Supreme Court of the United States


Former United States Tax Court Judicial Law Clerk
Member of the Bar United States Tax Court

Professor of Law | Distinguished Author Tax Law Institute | Fmr. IRS Litigator Office of Chief Counsel | Admitted to Practice State of Indiana


Topics include choice of forum; eligibility to represent a petitioner before the Tax Court; managing client expectations; jurisdiction over actions for declaratory relief; pleadings including petition, answer and reply; small case procedures; amended and supplemental pleadings; joinder of issues; pretrial motions; informal and formal discovery; strategies for practitioners to limit discovery responses; pretrial negotiations including dispute resolution options, stipulations of facts; trial preparation and preparation of case; post-trial matters including briefs, opinions, decisions, and motions; appeals including decisions to appeal; partnership proceedings including filing TEFRA action, Bipartisan Budget Act; and special matters including small tax case proceedings; collection due process; and spousal defenses.


Includes trial document templates

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