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Members of the Bar United States Tax Court

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& Non-Attorney Member of the Tax Court Bar

  • Our History in Tax Court Litigation
    • Our Staff has been involved in US Tax Court litigation since 1981. For example, service as Government Counsel, Judge of the US Tax Court, law professor and IRS Provider of training for Federal Bar members, US Tax Court Trial Attorney, and tax specialized CPAs engaged in Federal tax practice and who themselves are non-attorney Members of the United States Tax Court Bar. In fact, all of our Staff are years' specialized in certain areas of US Tax Court litigation and Federal tax practice. 

  • How We Might Help You
    • If you are a legal or accounting professional who needs help with planning or managing your Tax Court case, or who is counseling a client with tax controversies, or if you are thinking about entering Federal Tax Litigation Practice then please call 1.888.317.4489 for some tips that may help you to better serve your clients and yourself.

  • Our Practitioners & Support

  • Members of the Bar United States Tax Court
    • USTCP-CPA - "Admitted to Practice US Tax Court"
      • IRS Code Section 482 Specialist
    • USTCP-CPA - "Admitted to Practice US Tax Court"
      • IRS Code Section 1202 Specialist
    • Trial Attorney
      • IRS Code Section 7623 Specialist

  • Distinguished US Tax Court Judge
    • Member of the Judiciary United States Tax Court Retired
      • Special Proceedings
      • Served in Office of Deputy Chief Counsel (International)
      • Served in Office of Chief Counsel

  • Tax Research
    • Professor of Law Emeritus
      • Research Assistants

  • Areas of Litigation Where We Can Help

  • Deficiency Notice
    • IRS Statutory Notice of Determination of Deficiency
    • IRS Statutory Notice of Determination of Tax Liability
  • Petition for Redetermination
    • Answer/Reply
  • Pleadings Closure
    • Joinder of Issues
  • Branerton Conference
    • Stipulation
    • Settlement
    • Judgment without Trial
    • Summary/Partial Summary Judgment
  • Evidence Collection and Analysis
    • Forensic Accounting
    • Motions
    • Hearing
    • Trial Stipulations
  • Discovery
    • Pretrial Conferences
    • Standing Orders
    • Large Case and Expedited Case Joint Motions
    • Judicial Interpretations
    • Precedent Case Research (13 Federal Circuits)
  • Pretrial Procedural and Evidentiary Motions
    • Settlement Procedures
    • Trial Subpoenas 
  • Trial Procedures
    • Special Proceedings 
  • Post-Trial Proceedings
    • Refund Claims
  • Appellate Review

  • US Tax Court Document Preparation
    • Petitions
    • Replies
    • Branerton Stipulations
    • Evidentially Depositions
    • Discovery Motions
    • Protective Orders
    • Case Briefs
    • Post-Trial Briefs
    • Memoranda
    • Interlocutory Appeals 
    • Appeals to US Court of Appeals

United States Tax Court Defined
Photo Courtesy of US Tax Court
The United States Tax Court is a specialty court that exclusively hears tax law cases. The US Tax Court hears tax deficiency cases - cases in which the IRS asserts that the taxpayer has underpaid his or her tax liability. Prepayment of the proposed tax deficiency is not a prerequisite to litigating in Tax Court.
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